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Thomas Hedlund LMFT

Thomas Hedlund is a marriage family therapist, workshop leader and addictions educator from Santa Rosa, CA. He has been in private practice for over 35 years and specializes in recovery related issues including addiction, compulsive behavior and the healing of trauma, shame and abuse.

John Bradshaw has called Thomas Hedlund “one of the select few therapists I know that thoroughly understands the dynamics of emotional healing”.

Affiliated with John Bradshaw for fifteen  years, he has been clinical supervisor for John Bradshaw seminars in California. Tom has created countless state of the art recovery workshops: Alcohol’s Impacts on the Family, Coping with Trauma, Overcoming Roadblocks to Recovery, Healthy Communication, The Brain Science of Addiction, Trauma and Shame and The Hijacked Brain’s Quest for Wholeness.

He works as a communications and family systems consultant as well as co-facilitator for the Family Intervention Institute. Thomas Hedlund is highly regarded as a therapist, national and international trainer and speaker.  His workshops and teaching are enjoyed by both professionals and the lay person seeking to understand themselves better. 

Thomas was the only non indian faculty member of the Native American Training Instutite in Sacramento and a  regular and poplular presenter at their Annual Alcohol School in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  He has taught across the United States, United Kingdom and Australia.

Tom’s current skills and activities include family business consulting, family systems interventions, family business consultations,  Expert witness testimony in California Superior Court as well as sober coaching and consulting for indiividuals and families seeking to find their way through the maze of addiction and recovery.

He also writes for a number of recovery magazines and is dedicating his time to the completion of two books based on his 35 years of helping individuals dissolve barriers and live better lives.


"Indecent Exposure"

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